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I had a great week last week and gave 15 talks in schools across Yorkshire. This week I'll be giving 16 talks in Yorkshire. Thanks everyone for your support. If you haven't liked our Facebook page yet don't forget there's a free copy of our "Truth and Lies about Drugs" booklet for everyone who does. It contains gorgeous illustrations by the artist Gill Bustamante. Also, we now have a new PD Drug Education Supporters group, which I hope you'll join
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Drug Education Lecturer Scores Unprecedented 100% Positive Survey Feedback

So it's official! We are the bee's knees!

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My purpose is to educate kids about drugs, to bring them enough true facts about drugs they can make their own reasoned choices not to do drugs. The ultimate aim is a drug-free world for our children to inherit from us.

But what if you could give the kids enough information on drugs and, for instance, what drugs do to the body that the children themselves will start to spread the message to one another? What if all children started talking to one another about drugs the way the charming girl does in this clip?

One of the problems children have when it comes to experimentation with drugs, is peer pressure. But what if we can raise children's drug awamess to the degree that pressure from their peer groups turns around and the peer pressure becomes "be smart and don't do drugs?"

This is a huge task and I can't pull it off without your help.

How to help raise drug awareness among children: get hold of my "Truth about Drugs" talk for children on DVD and show it to your children and/or donate it to a school of your choice.

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Have a good - and drug free - day!
Here's what a teacher had to say last week about my talk to her class

And a word from both our sponsors!
And here's a word from my stepdaughter!

Good morning! Before I hit the road for today's talks, here's what my granddaughter has to say about drugs!